I just cancelled our YMCA membership.

I feel like it’s an end of an era.

My mom gifted me the membership for the first year. The gals were about 9 months old, and I had dedicated so much of my time to keeping them happy, I neglected myself. This push was just what I needed to get me back on track. IMG_2945

We signed up with the resolution crowd in January 2013. I wore giant sweats, the largest sweatshirt I owned, and took the most unflattering photo for my ID card. If that wasn’t motivation, I don’t know what is. We dropped the gals off in the childcare room and set off for our first workout of our journey.

Oh there were ups and downs. I’d get called back to the childcare room before I had even left the locker room. However, the gals grew accustomed to the routine, and started to enjoy their time there. I felt so refreshed when I could spend an hour or two working out, relaxing in the lounge reading, or hell, sometimes I just played on my phone. It was two hours to myself and I needed it. I was recharged.

Eventually, I was almost 100lbs lighter!


I even took gym selfies!


But the gals are in preschool now. I don’t need the childcare.

I’ve become a better runner and prefer to be outside.

We used the outdoor pool once last year.

The tennis courts are always booked.

My gym workouts are mundane. I run, I bike, I swim, and I lift, but I honestly don’t push myself that hard. I just do it. I feel like I need more. I need my butt kicked. I want to be a faster runner for my upcoming half marathons (maybe even a full??).

So sadly, I hung up the YMCA towel today. I’m not saying I won’t go back. Knowing me, my fitness goals will probably be different next year! For now, I’m on to the next craze. I’m joining a trendy gym where I will get my butt kicked by a trainer yelling at me over thumping techno music.

Wish me luck!

OH! Also, don’t worry, sports fans, we will still be program members so the gals can play in their youth leagues!

IMG_1938 (1)




7 thoughts on “Cancelled.

  1. Amazing pics!! And amazing job losing almost 100 pounds!! I’m hoping to hit the same goal this year!

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