DIY Bathroom Remodel

Our last two home purchases have been straight from the builder. To say that Dave and I aren’t into the whole DIY scene is an understatement. However, after moving back Intown to a fixer-upper type neighborhood, we had to change our perspective.

The seller of our new home was lucky we didn’t run screaming from her horrible painting efforts. Not only are the colors offensive to the eye, and dark for such a small space, but the quality of the job was atrocious. Drips and blemishes are everywhere and I think I spent more time sanding, spackling, and kilzing, than I actually did painting our first big project of the house.

We decided to tackle to smallest room in the house. When I say small, I mean it. This bathroom is tiny. The previous owner wanted to box you in even more by painting both the walls and ceiling a very odd shade of green. Y’all. Green is my favorite color. This made me hate green.

Not only were we going to paint, but we also wanted to remove the rather dated (and gigantic) sink and medicine cabinet. Why these were chosen in the first place is beyond me. There is zero storage under the sink and that is maddening to me. We also switched out the vanity light fixture. For some reason everything in this bathroom is chrome, yet the rest of the bungalow has craftsman bronze fixtures.

Here’s the before:


Beast Mirror


The offensive green


Chrome City


Zero Storage Waste of Space



Need a comb?


So. Much. Damage.


All the Sanding


All the Kilz


Repair Work


Late Sunday night & the sink was in!

Lots of curse words were uttered.

The Gals spent entirely too much time on iPads.

We survived and are still married.

So here’s the finished product:


Bronze Vanity Light & Mirror


No more boxed in feel!


Vanity & Bronze Delta Sink Fixtures


We even put up a towel ring! We Fancy!

The space is so much brighter now. By lightening up the walls and removing the large fixtures, we were able to really open up the room. Not to mention, we now have some great storage space!

I’d say our first project was a success!


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