I just cancelled our YMCA membership. I feel like it’s an end of an era.

The Great Toy Takeover

When we livedย in the one bedroom loft in Cabbagetown, we tried our best to live simply. Simply, because there was just no place to put any added junk. We then built to a, too big for us, 5 bedroom house in the burbs that shot that all to pieces.ย 

2016 Goals

I’m not the “roll your eyes over resolutions type of person.” I love making them and I love supporting others in their endeavors for the year as well. I think it’s all because, in the last several years, I have been successful at sticking to them. Personally, I enjoy at attempting to make myself a…

DIY Bathroom Remodel

Our last two home purchases have been straight from the builder. To say that Dave and I aren’t into the whole DIY scene is an understatement.

First Haircut

I finally did it! The Gals got their first haircuts! They always had such bald nuggets, so when their hair started to get longer, we just let it grow.ย